Helping Little People with BIG Feelings

Helping Little People with Big Feelings


Here at The Wishing Well, I have mindfully crafted and created some of the most beautiful and unique children's well- being programs that introduce children to Yoga, Meditation and Emotional Awareness, using play therapy, imaginative play, art therapy, music and movement.

I feel it is a gift to show children that there is more to feelings and emotions than our physical experience and the more they can tap into their inner knowing and instinct, the body whispers, the stronger and safer they will feel in the world.

I show them how to recognise their Inner Magic and help children gain confidence to become more self expressed, more self aware, more compassionate and in turn, this gives children the tools to be able to become friends with  the BIG feelings.

Whether in private, one on one sessions or in group classes, children feel seen and heard so that they can welcome any new and unfamiliar feelings. They are given permission to share, through a trust and connection that is made between us. 

The programs also include sharing of beautiful tools for adults to dive into their own feelings, questions and emotions around their parenting experience. 

Wishing Well Magic

These weekly sessions can be in person in the safety and comfort of your home or on zoom. I develop a connection and trust with your child and we work together, parent and coach, to create a more expressed and connected family dynamic. This way all members of the family are on the same page for your child to feel seen and heard.


Yoga & Mindfulness

Enter into The Wishing Well, a place where children can experience the wonderful world of Yoga and Mindfulness for kids. Filling our own and each other’s buckets with inner strength, self-confidence and kindness.

The Wishing Well TV

A visit from Fairy Mary can make any child’s wishes come true. With her basket full of enchantment and wonder, children are taken on a journey where make-believe and reality collide in the land of the real.

Guided Meditations

Visit Fairy Mary’s magical world of make-believe as she takes your children on adventures and journeys from lands near and far. Meet unique and wonderful creatures and characters from earth and other realms.

All programs include:

  • The Chakra Map

  • Safety

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Resilience

  • Empathy

  • Communication

  • Imagination

  • Self-Awareness


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