Mamma & Me Connected Parenting Program


Introducing Mamma & Me Yoga

These beautiful private Yoga & Mindfulness sessions will bring you and your toddler closer and more connected on a deeper level, through gentle partner yoga postures and mindfulness exercises.

Combining imaginative role play and storytelling, I create a safe and gentle space for you and your child to achieve  a new and more conscious relationship.

Through expressive art therapy, you and your child can enjoy each others inner artist and create some magical art pieces together.

A beautiful way to bond with your child, where you don't need to plan or prepare anything. Just turn up. Let me take care of all that so all you have to do is be fully present for your child.

The session also includes a beautiful relaxation where we go on Mamma and Me journey into our dreams and imaginations together.

This session is all about celebrating each other and really seeing your child through your INNER CHILD'S eyes. Bringing your inner child out to play  gives your child permission to be completely themselves and in turn they will feel seen and heard.

All this in the safety and comfort of your home.


Price list:

(Note: Prices are per child)

1 Hour Mamma & Me Session

**from $110 AUD 

(subject to location)

5 Week Mamma & Me Series

**from $525 AUD

(subject to location)