Diary of a Fairy Living in a Human World – Post #1

Humans are in lockdown due to a virus, and are all staying home to be safe and look after each other. As the fairies watch from above, we are sending down magic and fairy sprinkles to bring smiles and joy to all the little people (and the big people!) of the earth.

On this, the Eighteenth Day of August Two Thousand and Twenty

Hello grown ups,

Welcome to my very fist Fairy diary and blog post!
Here we can connect and share.
The Wishing Well is full of surprises and fun, the best of all, it’s full of secrets and Fairy facts!
Each week there will be something fun and entertaining here for you to read to your child. If our child has any questions, please write them in the comments and I’ll have them answered by the following week.

These secrets and facts have been collected from the most remote corners of the Fairy Realm.
You see, it’s time. It’s time for the magic and enchantment of MY world to join you in YOUR world.
You see, children aren’t allowed in Fairyland.
Well, not only that, children don’t FIT in Fairyland!
I will be sharing a Fairy Fact or Secret every Wednesday.

Begin reading to your child here:

Hello little humans, my name is Fairy Mary
I’m here to tell you that I am a special kind of fairy
With powers that allow me to fly down to the ground
To share all the secrets and treasures that I have found.
Have you wondered if our wings can fly, outside in stormy weather?
Or why you feel a tickly nose, even when there’s no feather?
Do you think about how fairies live and work and play and sleep?
If you knew all of these secrets, do you promise that you’ll keep?
For all the fairies wonder too, about the things that humans do,
So let’s be friends and join our worlds, fairies, pixies, boys and girls.
Wizards, elves and goblins too, (they’re pretty smelly, I’ve met a few!)
Lets join together and let the magic flow
Let me help your imagination grow!

Each week I will share a new story with you and
maybe I can make your wishes come true…

If you haven’t already noticed, I have the rhyming flu.
It only lasts a day or two!

Today’s Fairy Fact is:
FAIRIES CANNOT FLY IN THE RAIN, AS IT MAKES THEIR WINGS TOO SOGGY, AND WHEN A FAIRY GET’S WET IN THE RAIN, IT MAKES THEM VISIBLE TO HUMANS! This would be a disaster! Could you imagine if grown up could see fairies? What would they think? You know the fairies only like to be seen by little kids like you!

So, I want to share with you a Fairy Poem. Seeing as I have the rhyming flu, it has come to me rather easily today. It’s about a little pixie that lives in the bottom of my fairy garden, that looks out for the coming rains and warns all of the Fairy Realm!

Upon the roof he sits and stares
With beady eyes and cheeky glares
‘Tis cold but never does he mind
For he is of the winter’s kind
He watches for the coming rain
And warns the fae to save their pain
Of wilted wings and soggy toes
To take their cover ‘neath thorny rose
They scamper ’round their dwellings manic
Creating chaos with their panic
Gathering and taking cover
Each one looking for the other
As thunder cracks and the sky lights flashing
The rain drops come each one down crashing
These wee small folk enjoy a storm
But only if they’re dry and warm
So should you see him on stormy day
Leave him be and walk away
Take cover in your dwelling fast
Until the winter storm has passed.

Here’s a picture of the little magical guy and another picture of a fairy safe and warm in her home!

Do you have a poem you have written about the fairies?
Share it with me here! The winning poem will be published on my Instagram and Facebook Pages!

That’s all I have to share this week everyone.

Join me again next Wednesday for the new blog post and another Fairy Fact!

Have a magical week…

I wish you well!

Fairy Mary