Diary of a Fairy Living In a Human World – Post #2

On this second day of September Two Thousand and Twenty

Welcome back to my diary!

The week that has passed was cold and dreary…the weather was cold and I’m feeling quite weary. Yes, the rhymes are still there and I am still rhyming, and you being here, is perfect in timing!

We have entered the magical season of Spring, a time of new beginnings and planting new seeds. The fairies are excited to be surrounded by colours and aromas of flowers and fresh herbs. On my walks i gathered leaves and flowers and made fairy rings.

Fairy rings are like invitations for fairies to come and dance under the moonlight, spread happiness and magic and maybe, just maybe leave some magic behind. Have you ever seen a fairy ring?

This week’s poem is one of my favourites. Written by Edward Robert Hughes

If you see a fairy ring

In a field of grass,

Very lightly step around,

Tiptoe as you pass;

Last night fairies frolicked there,

And they’re sleeping somewhere near.

If you see a tiny fay

Lying fast asleep,

Shut your eyes and run away,

Do not stay or peep;

And be sure you never tell,

Or you’ll break a fairy spell.