The Storytelling Poet…

A fairy’s wings you cannot touch

Although you’d like it very much,

So fragile and so very light

The slightest touch, a fairy’s fright.

To watch them flutter in the sun,

Like butterflies all having fun,

Would be a dream that has come true

For every child on earth – like YOU

So watch them come and let them leave,

But do not touch them, just beleive…

Real fairy video from the bottom of the garden:

Did you know I have a YouTube channel where your little believer can come and see a “real fairy” in Fairyland!

Venture down the garden path, all the way through the magic gate called YouTube and say hello!

Here’s the link!

The doorway…

My curious nature tempted me outside when the moon was high and full. I didn’t expect to anything, however, when I bent low to take a closer look, I noticed a tiny little cottage. Is this their home? I needed to find out. Peering closer and closer into the doorway, I was disappointed to find it was empty.

I looked through the doorway….

There was a light inside that seemed to call me. Shadows peering and a slight movement. Wait what? Was it? Could it be? I pulled out my camera and snapped, my finger kept on pushing down capturing the magic that I was searching for.


Then there it was. A flash of light. The magic that I had been searching for was always there. Right under my nose! Just as I spotted her sparkly wings, she flew out the window!

Well hello…!

I went for a walk this morning, not far, just to the bottom of my garden… I thought I’d visit my long lost friends out there. Winter seems to distant us from each other.

You see, I have fairies at the bottom of my garden.

I like to leave them to their shenanigans, their twists and turns of magical adventures.

Once in a while, I visit. They don’t seem to mind. In fact they welcome me with open wings. Well, not all of them. Some would prefer I stay away – too shy. Especially now I have taken my camera into their realm.

I just want to show you all, share with you, teach you, all about the magic I see…

I enter the garden, slowly and carefully…

 I tread very lightly, there are many unknowns and unseens during the day in the enchanted world. Not wanting to be seen by “human folk” the enchanted are very skilled at hiding. I don’t want to hurt anyone, or break anything!

I move closer to the village…

Some of the enchanted are happy to see me. It’s been so long, they said they thought I had stopped believing. I assured them that would never happen. For each and every day I think of the enchanted and I wish I could be part of their world.

I was so excited to see that there was a new addition to the family! Mother faerie was eager to show me and asked me to take some pictures of her little munchkin.

How proud does she look! A smile to melt a thousand hearts.

The baby brought a new light and joy to the village…

I bent low, closed my eyes and imagined myself growing down…I really wanted to take a peek inside the house!

There was a lovely and inviting entry, I could’nt quite see inside….yet….