About Fairy Mary

Hello believers of magic!

Welcome to The Wishing Well.

A portal for children to come home to themselves and find their inner magic.

Using the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness as well as the Inamojo Children's Well-Being Program, I love sharing the tools and exercises that help children navigate the challenges that they face day to day.

Now more than ever, our children are faced with so many difficult situations and decisions. The rise of social media platforms and cyber bullying, not to mention comparison to others is so easily accessed, our kids are overwhelmed with information that can have serious effects on their mental well being and physical state.

My mission is to bring them back to themselves.

To show them that everything they need is inside of them, and i show them how to turn to their inner awareness, their inner magic.

My Children's Programs are aimed for children from 3 years old, to teenagers. Combining storytelling and imaginative play with yoga postures and breath work, the younger children are taken through classes with a relaxed and fun emphasis.

My classes include laughter and silly-ness and are run in a warm, gentle and safe manner, where they are free to be self expressed and feel seen.

Classes are offered in:
- Primary Schools
- Kindergatens
- Childcare Centres
- In local community centres or
- One on one in your home.

Call or email to find out more!