About Fairy Mary

Hello fellow believers of magic!

Welcome to my online world. I hope you can keep visiting me…

As a child I always wondered what was inside that large tree trunk, behind that high wall, beneath that murky pond or around that secret corner.

Seeing the magic that surrounded me not only brightened my day but also followed me into my dreams at night.

I knew from then, that it was my destiny to share this particular magic with children everywhere.

After many years of working in the “grown up” world in the industry of graphic design, I decided that this “grown up” needed to “grow down”!

So I donned my flower garland, magic wand, applied sprinkles onto my eyelids, and I set off in search of Make-Believe followers.

My wings appeared and Fairy Mary was born.

For the last 10 years, I have been flying into the homes and hearts of children all around Melbourne.

Discovering the magic and wonder.

The magic found inside all of us and wonder found all around us.

Now, a mother of 3, I connect with children even more and in more ways.

I love their innocence and playfulness.

I love looking into their eyes when they think they have magically made the caterpillar puppet turn into a butterfly.

I love the smiles and giggles that light up the room.

I love the delight in each parent, as they witness their little one experience this magic.

I frequently visit the Land of Make-Believe; most people call it Fairyland, and gather more secrets to share, more treasures to gift and more stories to enchant.

When I return to People Land, most call that Earth, I eagerly await invitations from near and far.

That’s where YOU come in…



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