Helping little people with big feelings

Creating and teaching emotional awareness through one on one coaching for children, helping them understand their feelings as well as providing parents with techniques and strategies to respond in gentle open awareness and deeply connect with their children.

During the lockdowns of the past two years, I could see my, now 8 year old, child’s personality shift. My once trusting, confident child had become anxious and fearful. I reached out to Mary and she started one on one sessions at our home and sometimes via zoom due to restrictions. Mary has given us strategies to back up the sessions and is always so generous with her time and communication, she has guided us all through big life changes.

We are starting to see our wonderful, bubbly and confident child emerge, ready and willing to take life and all its unknowns on again. Mary has become an important part of our family, she provides support, not only to our child but to us all. She has guided us through zoom meditations as a family and has bought laughter and fun into our home when we were worn out. I cannot speak more highly of Mary and the important work she does.

- Abby

After the first class, my son was so happy, I could already see it working. Mary's programs tailored to young kids and our younger generations are so special. She is a wonderful kids mentor and showed my son deep breathing that he uses every day, and showed him in her special way that no matter how busy the world is becoming to remember to slow down and to use the mindfulness when he needs to regulate his emotions. I highly recommend Mary, if you want your child to become more resilient and adaptable to this ever changing world.

- Amy

Mary is amazing. She is so patient and makes the yoga so fun that my son loves her to heaven! He is able to focus more after her lesson than any of is other therapies. She has something special with the kids.

- Yankee

    Join Little Bees Toddler Yoga

    Yoga and Mindfulness Classes for Your Pre-Schooler(s)

    Fridays, 9.30-10.15am. Term 3 starting July 16th.

    For bookings call Fairy Mary on 0408 488 665


    Yoga & Mindfulness

    Enter into The Wishing Well, a place where children can experience the wonderful world of Yoga and Mindfulness for kids. Filling our own and each other’s buckets with inner strength, self-confidence and kindness.

    Inamojo Emotional Awareness Program

    A beautiful children's well-being program that helps kids understand emotions and self awareness. Using imaginative stories with magical characters, children will be guided into their inner wisdom to find their own unique INNER MAGIC.

    Mamma and Me

    Combining play and yoga , these divine private sessions will bring you and your toddler closer and more connected on a deeper level.

    Guided Meditations and Stories for Children

    Bubble Meditation
    Magic Worry Waterfall


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    About Mary

    Hello fellow believers of magic!

    Welcome to my online world. THE WISHING WELL-BEING FOR KIDS.

    I hope you can keep visiting me.

    As a child I always wondered what was inside that large tree trunk, behind that high wall, beneath that murky pond or around that secret corner.

    Seeing the magic that surrounded me not only brightened my day but also followed me into my dreams at night.

    I knew from then, that it was my destiny to share this particular magic with children everywhere.

    After many years of working in the “grown up” world in the industry of graphic design, I decided that this “grown up” needed to “grow down”!

    So I donned my flower garland, magic wand, applied sprinkles onto my eyelids, and I set off in search of Make-Believe followers.

    My wings appeared and Fairy Mary was born...